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Microsoft is part of our DNA. With decades-long experience in building integration solutions across the Microsoft stack, the team at arrt know Azure cloud strategy inside out.

Azure Solutions

why we use Azure

For most companies with an existing investment in Microsoft, Azure provides you with a consistent experience across your on-premises and cloud technologies. And, with serious commitment to open source, including support for numerous languages and frameworks, Azure enables you to build how you want and deploy where you want.

Azure also makes it easy for you to operate hybrid through numerous services that support integration, working seamlessly with your existing on-premises line-of-business solutions.

Microsoft Azure.

on-premises, hybrid and cloud computing
at its very best.


Scale compute resources
both up (vertical) and out (horizontal)
to meet demand.


Support for numerous open
source initiatives, frameworks and
languages including Linux, GitHub,
Node.js, Python and Java.


Achieve unprecedented levels
of availability
using features such as
scale and availability sets.


Utilise features such as Azure
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
to provide global coverage and
increased scalability.


Reduce Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
and move to a more predictable
Operational Cost (OpEx) model and
pay for just the services you use.


Trust your cloud provider and
get security baked in. Azure
includes numerous tools to allow you
to strength your security posture.

additional Azure features

Address your business needs with an extensive collection of products and services within Azure:

Azure Compute

Whether you're building from scratch or deploying new, Azure compute provides the infrastructure required to run your applications in the cloud. Harness the compute capacity within the cloud through features such as scale on demand. Deploy Windows and Linux virtual machines and utilise flexible options for the migration of your on-premises workloads into Azure. And with extensive support for hybrid environments, Azure compute services allow you to deploy how and where you want.

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

Deploy and administrate containerised workloads more easily with a fully managed Kubernetes service. AKS offers serverless Kubernetes delivering full integration with your existing DevOps infrastructure.

Azure Arc

Simplify the management of complex distributed environments spread across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud. Arc allows the deployment of services anywhere and extends your Azure management across all infrastructure within your organisation.

Azure Blockchain Service

Build, govern and grow blockchain networks. Azure Blockchain Service simplifies the formation, management and governance of consortium blockchain networks, allowing you to concentrate on business logic and application development.

Azure Synapse

An analytics service which brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics, Synapse gives you the freedom to query data using either serverless or provisioned resources at a scale controlled by your team. Azure Synapse brings two worlds together to provide a unified approach to ingestion, preparation, management and presentation of data to BI and machine learning processes and services.

Azure IoT

Provide globally available and infinitely scalable platform services for IoT devices. Azure IoT includes secure connectivity using industry standard protocols and offers a central place to collect telemetry from, send commands to and manage distributed devices. Significantly, it also includes advanced analytics helping you to unlock key insights from your IoT data.

Microsoft continues to supplement its current Azure offering with further services providing you with everything you need to build your next great solution.

popular questions about Azure


flexibility. speed. power.

we use Azure to custom-build integration solutions that meet your needs and improve your business


On-premises integration can take many different forms.

Some companies still prefer to utilise middleware products such as BizTalk Server combined with multiple line of business systems to propagate data around their enterprise.

Other companies invest heavily in service-oriented architecture combined with API gateways to expose their business functions. While other organisations just get by with good old ETL (Extract Transform and Load) processes...

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in the cloud

The team at arrt have first-hand experience of large-scale cloud adoption programs, whether it's a simple lift and shift program, or something far more extensive.

We have real-world experience in the migration of middleware processes such as BizTalk Server and ETL into Azure...

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for a connected world

Your data is priceless. It should be protected and secure at all times.

Perhaps data residency and sovereignty mean that your business needs hybrid connectivity. Connectivity that will allow you to make the most of both your investment in on-premises data and the forever expanding world of the cloud.

Here at arrt, we've worked with a number of financial institutions that have faced similar problems...

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