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At arrt, we know integration, inside out. As a team of IT specialists, we’ve collaborated on a diverse range of successful projects for major brands and industry leaders.

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The team at arrt have worked within the integration space since the early 2000s. In that time, we’ve seen the extensive adoption of middleware products and numerous attempts to standardise the way integration is implemented.

We’ve witnessed at first-hand the adoption of SOA, people quickly jump on the Enterprise Service Bus bandwagon and then just as quickly jump straight back off again.

We’ve lived through SOAP, WCF, Rest API’s, XML, JSON, Data Contracts and endless debates about how to expose your service endpoints. And finally, we witnessed the demise of traditional middleware monoliths to be replaced by microservices.

You can find many opinions on how things should be done, but what we’ve learned is that most businesses find a way to get things working for themselves. We can help you to make that journey a little bit easier. Not by suggesting you start again, but by delivering real business value with subtle and meaningful changes to the way you integrate.

Learn a little about our team…

meet the team.

alistair mackenzie.

integration specialist

Alistair is a highly-skilled and qualified consultant with principal architectural, solution, design and development skills.

He has over 20 years’ experience working for blue chip companies and consultancies with in-depth experience of delivering integrated cloud, digital, service and automated process solutions for a wide range of industries, including financial, automotive, media and

In his spare time, Alistair is a very keen single handicap golfer, plays squash and racquetball in the West of Scotland leagues and has been playing the bagpipes since he was ten.

Connect with Alistair:

tel: 07796 26 26 60
twitter: @alistairarrt
linkedin: @aimac

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richard hughes.

integration specialist

Richard has spent his entire career working in the IT Industry. He started as a programmer on IBM Mainframes, moving on to Management Consulting for Dun and Bradstreet.

For the last 12 years, Richard’s prime focus has been on Microsoft Integration. Initially he specialised in all versions of BizTalk, gaining his Microsoft BizTalk Certifications before moving on to work with Azure.

Now specialising in the serverless space, using Logic Apps, Azure SQL Server and Azure Service Bus, Richard also has in-depth knowledge of Azure’s Monitoring and Notification capabilities.

In his spare time, Richard is a keen motorcyclist and an avid fan of Real Road Racing, the Isle of Man TT being the most famous event of this type. Currently Richard is building a Café Racer based on the rolling chassis of a 40-year-old XV750 Yamaha custom bike.

Richard says: “It appeals to the problem-solving, attention-to-detail side of my character… oh, and I think it looks cool too!”

Connect with Richard:

twitter: @RichAtArrt
linkedin: @richard-hughes

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anthony bennett.

integration specialist

Tony arrived in IT in the mid 90’s and initially worked within the process control and automation space. Working for a system integrator as a junior developer he quickly gained experience on large scale process automation solutions for the likes of British Steel, National Grid and British Nuclear Fuels.

Moving forward a decade, Tony seized the opportunity to move into the integration space working with technologies such as BizTalk and the earliest version of the .NET framework.

Who would have imagined that almost 20 years later he’s still getting his hands dirty, fighting with binding files and deployments? Thankfully, there’s now a plethora of alternatives to BizTalk which allow you to move your workloads into the cloud. As an experienced specialist, he sees great things happening over the next decade within the cloud computing space and is often heard fondly saying: “onwards and upwards.

Outside of work Tony enjoys golf, very much hoping to break 80 sometime this century. He also occasional gets out on his road bike (pedal power) but this tends to be when the sun is shining and there’s a nice café at the end of the route.

Connect with Anthony:

tel: 07956 17 26 16
linkedin: @tony-bennett

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nicola adams.

operations manager

Nicola is a dedicated and results-driven Operations Manager with over 15 years of extensive experience across multiple sectors, including creative, financial, and IT industries

With a track record in streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving business process improvements Nicola is committed to fostering collaboration and implementing strategic initiatives, organizational growth and success.

In her spare time Nicola enjoys walking her dog, going to the cinema with family and friends and consuming large quantities of coffee!

Connect with Nicola:

tel: 07888982268
linkedin: @nicola-adams

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To make the complex simple.

We use the combined knowledge and experience that we’ve gained over many years to provide our customers with a competitive advantage by working with the continually evolving power of computing in the cloud.

our vision.

To deliver improvement in all aspects of business through quality, customised integration solutions.

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