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at arrt we harness
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We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel at arrt.
We do believe in providing our customers with a solid foundation that will allow them to quickly develop their solutions and accelerate them on their digital journey.

As a Microsoft Partner we are integration specialists to
a number of sectors delivering mission critical solutions between
applications, processes and data. Our experience and expertise
on the full project lifecycle using the Microsoft technology stack
allows us to provide complete end-to-end supportable
on-premise, hybrid and cloud solutions.

At arrt, we follow a 3 stage process:

identify requirements
and planning
develop design, develop,
test and automate
support monitoring
and alerts

Our process comes from decades of experience working within the integration space. These 3 stages can be detailed as follows.

Our process comes from decades of experience working within the integration space. These 3 stages can be detailed as follows.


requirements and planning

Our approach follows the number one rule that requirements are the most important element of delivering any successful project. In this phase we work with you to gather enough quality requirements to create the initial backlog of work to get the project started.

We implement our planning sessions using Azure DevOps and create all project tasks based on the initial set of requirements allowing a number of sprints to be planned. These sessions can be tailored to work with any organisation or team with an emphasis on collaboration.


design, develop, test and automate

The development process starts with selecting the components of the arrt framework which can be reused to create the foundational blocks of the solution, allowing the acceleration of the design, development and testing phases of the project.

We always promote the use of automated build and release pipelines so we know and trust that every code delivery is consistent and tested to the same quality standard.


monitoring and alerts

The backbone of our approach promotes the belief that you can only deliver a successful solution if it can be proactively supported when it goes into production. We promote this principle through the use of detailed error-handling, monitoring dashboards, alerts and knowledge bases.

We also have a wealth of experience on unhappy path scenarios and replay strategies to ensure you have the minimum amount of downtime with your systems and solutions.

The world of integration lends itself to individuals who are self-starters. Each integration challenge is unique and requires a combination of approaches and skills that are as unique as a fingerprint.

The requirements and technologies vary from customer to customer but the underlying solution has to adhere to some pretty fundamental principles.





A key part of the work of integration specialists has been to select the best tools to deliver a successful solution to the customer.

Back in the day of “On-Prem only” development, there was never a shortage of tools and approaches that could be used, but the advent of Cloud based services has taken the ‘choose your weapon’ decision to a whole new level. Even when basing your choice on a single provider, such as Microsoft, and what they offer with their Azure platform, the choice is huge and can have repercussions on how cost efficient and robust the finished article is. Throw in containerization and the choices multiply again.

Among the things to consider are:

  • Scalability_ Respond to demand
  • Availability_ No downtime
  • Cost_ Only pay for what you use
  • Agility_ Getting changes / improvements in as quickly and safely as possible
  • Security_ Keeping your systems secure

arrt have a track record of aligning, what is needed, with what is available.

Our integration solutions demonstrate how we have been able to deliver real world benefits to customers.

learn more about the brands that have benefitted
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on-premises, hybrid, and in the cloud.
integration solutions for a connected world.


From service-oriented architecture combining API gateways to ETL processes, we have the perfect solution to suit your needs.

in the cloud.

Move into the cloud… at speed.
Our real-world cloud experience enables you to do just that. And, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

for a connected world.

Your data is priceless. We use the power of Azure services to protect your business in a connected world. Benefit from our solutions today.

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