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A challenge presented by a fin tech company to provide the business with a mechanism that would allow their customers, using MFA capabilities, to register as a Digital Services User and access their data from a number of different systems within the business. This development represents the gateway to further development.

integration requirements.

  • To use and extend the customer’s presence on their On-Prem CRM system to include Azure B2C Registration details.
  • Synchronize Azure B2C and CRM systems, to reflect changes (on either system).
  • Provide CI/CD capability for the solution to underpin the Agile Development methodology adopted by the business.
  • Ensure comprehensive telemetry and notifications tailored to all parts of the business, (eg Support, Business, Customer Services).
  • Supply failover resilience.

integration solution.

An outline of the components that make up the solution and the Azure Services that were chosen to provide the required functionality:

  • B2C – MFA Azure AD B2C
  • B2C Registration Events – Azure Functions
  • Registration Processes – Logic Apps
  • System Synchronisation – Azure Service Bus & Logic Apps
  • Telemetry:
    • Log Analytics for Logic Apps
    • App Insights for Azure Functions
    • Tailored Dashboards and alerting for each business
      area leveraging Kusto Queries

Microsoft Azure integration solution:

Additional Features:

Use of API Management to supply decoupled communication between Azure functions, logic apps and web services plus other benefits.

  • API Portal
  • Policy configuration (e.g. IP filtering, frontend/backend extended processing)
  • Versioning
  • Revisioning

Fully Automated CI/CD of the complete solution from DEV, Integration and Production environments.

  • Azure PowerShell cmdlets and ARM templates
  • GitHub
  • Azure DevOps Build pipelines incorporating auto execution of Test Packs
  • Azure DevOps Release pipelines using Service Principals and Key Vault Substitutions

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